March 12, 2017

31 Weeks Pregnancy Update / The Worse Week Ever!

I want this week to be over and to be even more honest, I want this pregnancy to be over!

I don't think I can take anymore bad news and anxiety.

This week started off as one of my favorite weeks throughout my whole pregnancy. 

No aches, no pains and no worries. I was happy.

As this week closed out, things went from bad to worse.

From getting horrible news from my doctor to being rushed to the hospital for preterm labor symptoms! 

31 Weeks has been my worse pregnancy week ever!

Baby Shape: Asparagus Inches: 16.1 Pounds: 3.31

Baby Progression: He's finally turned head down and getting ready to be born!

Cute Baby Habits: Whenever I place a cup on my belly he kicks it off! (Going to video this!)

Doctor Updates: I found out I have pregnancy diabetes! For some reason during pregnancy my body isn't breaking down a lot of sugar. I also had to be rushed to the hospital for preterm labor symptoms and after some test I turned out to be okay.

Hows Mama Feeling: Stressed and extremely worried about the pregnancy diabetes. I'm on a strict diet and have been putting off sugar completely. I only have 9 more weeks to go. I'm suppose to be nesting & excited. Yet I'm constantly worried my baby won't be okay now.

Hows Daddy Feeling: Tougher than ever. He's been a tad worried too but have been putting on such a strong face for me.

Mama Symptoms: Leaky Fluid (embarrassed to admit), Colostrum, Sleepless, Anxiety!

New Mama Items: My mom got me my dream stroller. Waiting for baby to get here to do a review!

Belly Button: Its an semi outie! I hope it doesn't get any bigger!

Tiger Stripes: Oh yes, dark ones on my lower back and light ones on my belly!

Cravings: None! After discovering I have pregnancy diabetes I truly hate sugar!

Sum The Week Up In 3 Words: Anxiety, Excitement, Embarrassing


  1. Oh bless, there's not long to go now so stay strong and try not to worry to much. I know that is a lot easier said than done. Soon you will be holding your beautiful baby in your arms and it will all be worth it.

    1. Right, there isn't long. I can't wait for this to be over its so much stress! xx

  2. Sorry to hear about your week, and the news of pregnancy diabetes. Pregnancy is rough and tough but all well and truly worth it. Just 9 more weeks until you get to hold your bundle of joy. Hang in there mama.

    1. Thanks so much for reading Jade. You're right, I don't have much time left so I'm looking forward to things going back normal shortly.