March 7, 2017

The Man Behind The Bump!

Meet the man that got me pregnant!

We're both Geminis that are complete dorks for one another & happen to be in love.

I wouldn't be able to describe me and Fred in any other way.

We truly are best friends in love.

Pregnancy was something Fred and I discussed and wanted to wait to do once we were married.

Our unborn son had other plans and after Fred and I made the plunge to living together, I got pregnant.

It was one of those scary, exciting times in our new life together that we honestly didn't know how to feel. We just knew this is what we wanted even though it didn't happen in the order we had planned. 

Sometimes babies come when they're suppose to not when we expect them to bloom.

The Man Behind The Bump is an artist by career, writer by hobby & handyman skill. 

He truly is a jack of all trades when it comes to being the ultimate guy. Our common creativity keeps our relationship beyond physical attraction. We always find ourselves connecting beyond love because of the passions we share.

Okay, I'm going to shut up.

I don't want to mumble on too much about who Fred is! I'd rather for him to tell you himself.

I decided to give him a quick boyfriend interview about our pregnancy!

  1. Would you like anymore children? "A football team would be nice."
  2. What about fatherhood excites you? "I get to play with toys again!"
  3. What do you love about me being pregnant? "Your naptimes."
 Ugh, I knew for a fact he isn't taking this daddy to be interview serious right now. 

Remember when I said "We're complete dorks for one another?"

    This is what happens when I catch Fred in his playful moods. 
    Everything becomes such a joke. To be honest, I like it. 
    He always finds the fun in everything. Even at the worse moments, he finds a way to make things better. I already know being first time parents isn't going to be a breeze, but its nice to have a partner that won't let stress overtake his life. Fred is a lot mentally stronger than I am.

    I need that.


    1. This is adorable! It's always good to have something that doesn't feel the need to take everything so seriously all the time! You guys seem so well fitted together and I'm so excited to see the two of you become parents

      1. Thanks so much Jas! He makes me completely happy =)

    2. How adorable are you two? He has this Ed Sheeran thing going on!

      It's nice to have someone who helps bring out the fun side. Life's too short to not laugh. <3

      1. Haha yes hes a very handsome ginger :)